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Obesity And Type 2 Diabetes

According to the information published by the National Institute of Health about 65% persons of the American population is obese. The obesity rate in children is slowly rising and so is type2 diabetes. As per a research, it has been found that the disease progresses more rapidly in children and is harder to treat in comparison to adults. If you look at the American diabetics statistics you will find that approximately 21 million people are living with diabetics and another 51 million are diagnosed with pre-diabetes.

Type 2 diabetics are associated with insulin resistance. The main function of insulin is to deliver glucose to the cells. When a person puts on weight, the cells present in the body becomes less sensitive to the insulin that is released by the pancreas. Fat cells are more resistant to the insulin than the muscle cells. An obese person has more fat cells than muscle cells resulting in insulin becoming less effective in the body and the glucose which is required by the cells to be used as energy keeps circulating in the bloodstream.

About 85% person of the people living with type 2 diabetics are obese. Obese people are more likely to be insulin resistant as they have more fat cells than muscle cells. The pancreas keeps on producing insulin and with the cells getting resistive towards insulin, it stays in the bloodstream and eventually causes high insulin level in the blood. The presence of high insulin in the blood causes two immediate effects. One is the cells become energy deprived and with the passing time high glucose level causes harm to the eyes, kidneys, nerves, and heart.

The symptoms of diabetics are blurred vision, fatigue, increased appetite, increased frequency and quantity of urination, dehydration, continuous thirst, frequent infections and blood circulation problem. It is highly advised that if you are facing any of the symptoms on a regular basis then consulting a doctor can be the ideal thing to do.If you are obese then chances of you getting diabetics are very high. With type-2 diabetics comes various life-threatening diseases.

A person suffering from type-2 diabetics normally has a life expectancy of 10 years. It is a chronic disease and along with it comes some serious health issues like cardiovascular disease, loss of vision and absolute kidney failure. Reducing body fat Researchers have found that cutting down 5 to 7 % of the total body weight can save obese people from this disease. If a person is already suffering from diabetics then cutting down the body weight and fat can lead to slow development of this disease. When body weight is reduced, it also benefits the blood pressure and cholesterol level.

If a person is carrying more weight around the waist portion, then they are at higher risk of getting diabetes than people with more fat accumulation on hips and thighs and are more “pear-shaped.”Type -2 diabetics is just not the only disease caused by obesity. Being overweight acts as a bridge for multiple life-threatening conditions. Health issues like problems in gallbladder, specific types of arthritis, several liver diseases, kidney failure, gastroesophageal reflux disease and sleep disorders are some of the diseases to be named if you are obese.

Losing weight will significantly cut the fat and excess glucose in the bloodstream. Adding a daily physical work out regime in your day to day life can significantly help in reducing weight. Apart from work out taking control of the diet can also help in reducing weight.

Virgin Coconut Oil: A Step Toward A Healthy Life

Coconut is a tree usually located in warm countries around the world, most importantly in parts of the Asian lands. The Philippines is known as a key exporter of coconut. The Coconut tree is also known as the “tree of life” because of its elaborate uses. Apart from its solid wood, Coconut has become the best sources of a variety of oils that can be used in industrial and healthcare functions.

Several types of coconut oil include refined oil, fractionated oil, hydrogenated oil and virgin oil- removed from fresh coconut products.Virgin Coconut Oil is already called probably the most normally healthful and safe oil that helps bring a healthy lifestyle. Essentially, it’s a type of coconut oil made in ways of high-temperature compound refinement. But just before the coconuts undergoes compound heat control, in any event, it first goes thru these processes: Quick blow drying extraction and wet-milling removal.

Fast blow drying extraction is the procedure of immediate blow drying of coconut to push extract the oil. In contrast, wet-cycling employs the entire process of milling the coconut without drying out and pushing the milled coconut to carry the coconut liquid product. Coconut milk will undergo for high-temperature chemical process to extract the oil from it.

Numerous scientific studies signify that virgin coconut oil is abundant with Lauric acid-a vital essential fatty acid that evolves into Monolaurin when consumed in the human body. Monolaurin is a chemical substance that properly stops viral pathogenic agents guarding the human body against transmittable microbes and viruses. This makes Virgin Coconut Oil very important for the body to maintain an exceptionally healthy and balanced lifestyle.

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Below are some of the great benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil:

  • Improves digestive system and stops bowel problems-as Pure Virgin Coconut Oil consists of the high number of Moderate Chain Fatty acid that assists raise metabolic process. It looks after a great digestive capability that helps prevent irregularity.
  • Improves the body’s defense system-Virgin Coconut Oil includes about 62% of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) and 50% of these MTCs contains lauric acid which is the most important essential fatty acid important for developing and maintaining a strong immune system.
  • Decreases stomach fats- VCO any time consumed, it doesn’t change into fat. Alternatively, it’s a very effective body fat-burning element which is also a really wholesome and organic method of slimming down.
  • Nourishes and keeps a healthful skin, hair and scalp- VCO contains saturated fats, linoleic acid, phenols, oleic acid, iron, vitamin E, and vitamin K. What’s more, it consists of antioxidant factors that keep the pores and skin balanced. However, VCO includes the protein that assists in building up healthy, strong and shiny hair.
  • Maintains a decent cholesterol level- As VCO raises metabolic rate, it burns fats and converts it directly into power. Therefore, it will help cholesterol-reducing degrees in our human body.
  • Virgin Coconut Oil has also been claimed to improve thyroid functions, stop Hepatitis C and Herpes keeps a good blood sugar level control, helps prevent and minimizes viral infections, mends pains and lowers chance of heart attacks, HIV, several cancers and degenerative ailments.
  • VCO definitely aids a whole lot in controlling a healthy diet plan and a wholesome way of life.

Global Beauty

Beauty comes in many different shapes, sizes, forms, and ethnicities. Countries around the world celebrate their definition of beauty in their own ways. When it comes to skincare, the methods women have used to keep themselves youthful and attractive vary but the goal is always the same: to look amazing. If the tips and tricks you’ve been using are getting outdated, you may want to turn to other countries for inspiration.

Global Beauty Secrets for the Skin

Need a good detox that doesn’t take too much effort? Take a note from the women of Israel. Their secret to glowing skin and ridding their body of harmful toxins lies in the use of sea salt. You can create your own homemade lavender sea salt scrub for your body by mixing together 1/2 cup massage oil, 1/4 cup sea salt, 10-15 drops lavender oil and a pinch of seaweed powder (these ingredients can be purchased through specialty online retailers). Now that you have your lavender sea salt scrub ready, all that’s left is to massage the scrub over your entire body.

To maintain their youthful complexions, French women make it a habit to get regular massages and facials. However, not all French women need to spend money to indulge in an effective facial. Try their homemade recipe the next time your complexion is in the mood for a little pampering: combine fresh, mashed cherries and pomegranate seeds and apply the mixture to your face. Your complexion will benefit from this natural face mask, which is rich in enzymes that brighten and firms the skin. Remove the face mask with a warm towel after letting it sit for about six minutes.

Global Beauty Secrets for Hair

We all know the benefits of a little aloe vera but if you haven’t used it on your hair, you’re missing out on a beauty regimen that women in the Philippines have been turning to for years. If you happen to get your hands on an aloe plant, all you’ll need is one leaf to get the job done. Simply break the aloe leaf in two and massage the juice into your scalp, rinse and style as normal.

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Those that tend to suffer from frizzy hair will want to thank the women of Singapore for this easy DIY hair care tip: before bed, use a few drops of coconut oil and apply it to the ends of your hair and let it sit overnight. The coconut oil will prevent your hair from becoming frizzy in the morning, making it much easier to style and maintain. Women living in humid temperatures will find coconut oil to be their hair’s best friend.

Global Beauty Secrets for Nails

Are you fond of sporting red nails but hate the yellow dingy look that it leaves behind after you’ve removed the polish? So do French women, which is why they include an extra step in their nail care routine: soaking their fingers in a small bowl of warm lemon juice after removing their red nail polish. Just a few minutes of a lemon juice soak and their nails will be free of the yellow taint.

The women of the Dominican Republic know the secret to beautiful, healthy nails. To get in on the scoop, take fresh garlic and chop it into small bits. Then add it to your favorite bottle of clear nail polish and let the mixture sit for 7-10 days. Apply the mixture to your nails and over time they’ll grow strong and be less likely to break.

Get Out There And Play!

It’s hard for most people to get motivated to stay physically fit and it’s even easier to make excuses for why we aren’t giving our bodies the daily exercises it needs. However, if exercise were more fun, maybe more of us wouldn’t mind a workout now and then. Well, now you can have fun and get in shape, too! Check out the following ways you can incorporate a good workout without even trying.

The next time you’ve got some time to kill with your children or are stuck babysitting – whether it’s your own little brothers and sisters or someone else’s kids – instead of staying indoors and being couch potatoes or zombies to video games, take them outdoors. For a change of location, skip the backyard or front lawn and head to the nearest park. If there is a park located close by, opt for walking, jogging or riding your bikes there instead of getting in the car. Not only will everyone be getting exercise – including you – you’ll also be saving gas. If you don’t have a bike of your own, then tag along behind the pack and get some brisk walking done.

If the park has the following: monkey bars, slide, and swings, then you’re in business! When you get to the monkey bars, fit in a few arm exercises by lifting the smaller children up to the bars. For a more intense workout, use your arms to hold up each child as they work their way across. This exercise is ideal for working your deltoids. While the kids are playing on the monkey bars, challenge yourself to a few bicep curls or pull-ups for strengthening your upper body. This small activity will keep you fit and allow you to keep an eye on the little ones, instead of sitting on your butt and watching all the fun.

When the kids make their way towards the slide, you can create your own mini workout as you wait for each child to climb up and slide down. You can hold onto the edges of the slide and work your chest muscles by doing incline pushups or do a set of jumping jacks from the time the child climbs up until they slide down to you.

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The swings can give you a great workout without much effort. Depending on how many children you are looking after, you can give your entire body a real exercise boost by running in place after each time you push your child forward on the swings. This works best if you only have one child to look after. But if you have more than one, you can give yourself another playground challenge by pushing each child and working your way down the line so that everyone is swinging at the same time. Walking back and forth combined with your arm movements from pushing will give you a complete workout.

If the playground you go to doesn’t have all or any of this equipment, feel free to bring along a small bag of goodies like a baseball, basketball, football, etc. and engage the kids in a couple of rounds of catch, kickball or flag football. When all else fails, you can always turn to a game of good old-fashioned tag. No one likes to be “it” so everyone, including you, will get plenty of exercise running around. Remember to also bring healthy snacks like apple slices and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, as well as bottles of water to keep everyone properly hydrated.

Natural Migraine Treatments

If you suffer from migraine headaches, you know how miserable they can make you feel. Most migraines are accompanied by nausea, which only complicates the problem and causes more misery. You may have considered doing something desperate to make the pain go away, but before you do, consult with a physician about your overall health. You should always seek professional advice on using natural remedies before caring for any ailment. Following are a few natural migraine treatments you may want to discuss.

Take the Herb Feverfew

The herb feverfew has been used for a long time as a natural treatment for pain–from arthritis or migraine headaches. It is also used to reduce a fever. Feverfew is extremely popular in England and other European countries as an alternative to conventional migraine medicines. There may be a few side effects with the herb, but not everyone is unfortunate enough to experience them. The side effects can include abdominal pain, excess gas, diarrhea, vomiting, or extreme nervousness.

Try Hydroxytryptophan

A compound called 5-HTP, or hydroxytryptophan, is produced naturally in the body from an amino acid called tryptophan. Tryptophan is used by your body to create serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter, and melatonin, which is a hormone. The compound is also available as a supplement, which is made from the seeds of a plant that is native to Africa called Griffonia simplicifolia. Some studies have shown it to be an effective treatment for migraines.

Magnesium May Help

Green leafy vegetables, such as lettuce, along with nuts, seeds, and whole grains contain doses of a natural mineral called magnesium, which may help alleviate the pain of a migraine headache. Magnesium has proven to be instrumental in regulating blood sugar levels and is necessary for normal muscle and nerve function. Magnesium is also important for maintaining a healthy heart rhythm and blood pressure, and is an important factor in your bone’s overall health. It would be a good idea to stay away from high doses of magnesium because it could cause diarrhea, loss of appetite, low blood pressure, or a number of other problems.

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Butterbur Is Another Herb to Try

Butterbur is an herb that grows as a shrub-like plant. Extracts from butterbur have been used to treat migraines, as well as stomach cramps, allergies, and asthma. There are relatively few side effects with the moderate use of butterbur, primarily burping from too much gas. In higher doses, it could cause further side effects, including indigestion, fatigue, nausea, or vomiting, among other problems.

Get a Massage

In many cases, a migraine headache is stress induced. In order to reduce the effects of a migraine, you should attempt to lower your stress level. Getting a message is a good way to do that. A professional massage will not only help relieve the pressure caused by a migraine but will help make you feel relaxed and content.

Relax in a Dark Place

Quite often, a migraine headache leaves you extremely sensitive to harsh lighting conditions. The pain associated with light-sensitivity may be reduced if you seek a cool, dark place to relax. The absence of light will have a soothing, calming effect and may reduce the pain of your migraine.

Acupuncture Is an Option

For centuries, the ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture has proven to help some people deal with pain–or eliminate it completely. The system involves placing needles beneath a person’s skin at natural pressure points. Acupuncture is growing in popularity as a means of treating migraine headaches. Proponents contend that placing needles on pressure points on the face and head will relieve the stress and strain of a migraine.

Try Riboflavin

Many people feel that treating migraines with vitamins is the best course of action. Riboflavin, also known as vitamin B2, has been proven to be an effective treatment for migraine headaches. It can be taken as a vitamin supplement or absorbed by the body from foods such as milk, eggs, and cheese. Eating the food itself will release the vitamin into your system quicker and more efficiently. Riboflavin is an important element of anyone’s diet, so treating a migraine headache with vitamin B2 won’t likely cause any harm and may just relieve the tension and pain of a migraine.

Water : The Best Fat Reduction Pal

Water is one of the key elements of a healthy diet and a long-term losing weight challenge. It is not simply nourishes your system be preserving your cells hydrated, yet it fulfills your stomach so that you simply are much less hungry. Here are a few quick weight loss for having a weight-loss-friendly quantity of water without any feeling like you are a human water drain.

8 Glasses Each Day

Just about everyone has heard that it is essential to drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day as part of a well-balanced diet. According to golias the 8 glasses of water will assist you to hydrate your system and leave your skin layer feeling moist and supple.

What’s more:

it is important to comprehend exactly what those 8 glasses of water are doing in your body. Since the water goes into the body, it hydrates your cells. Not only will you truly feel more energized, yet it will assist you to maintain your cells powerful against illness, severe headaches and exhaustion. Imagine that the body’s tissue is a plant. Without any water, the plant will certainly wilt and be weakened against daily features. However, with the appropriate level of water and attention, the plant will be powerful and balanced.

Water alleviates your whole body of harmful toxins, such as those that come from illness and stress. Through infusing liquids into your system, your body pumps away undesirable chemicals that can slow you down and create your system function much less healthily. 8 glasses of water is the bare minimum if you wish to retain a properly performing device.

Fresh Fruits

Many people get their water out of fruits, such as apples, watermelons, and berries. One piece of fruit, according to the sizing, can certainly count for as much as one half of a glass of water. The added advantage of fruit is that in addition to helping to hydrate you, fruit can add nutritious quantities of minerals and vitamins to your main diet plan, check exercise equipment reviews.

Fruit likewise fulfills the stomach and stimulates you. Due to the fact fruit contains not many calories, it’s a beneficial food item to fill up on. However, fruit really does consist of fructose, that is a type of glucose. Fructose will certainly spike the amount of glucose in the bloodstream, which will provide you with vitality. Yet, if that stamina is not ingested quickly, the fructose will convert to fat (if only a tiny bit of it.)


You can find refreshments and activities that dehydrate your system quickly which means that your necessary level of drinking habits needs to be enhanced. Drinks that lessen water from your body may include soft drinks, coffee, tea, and alcohol. In order to ensure that you simply remain accurately hydrated, take in one glass of water for each glass of soda or other dehydrating refreshments.

As well, for every half-hour of sweat-inducing exercising, you must take in a minimum of one glass of water. If you’re working out in an especially humid environment, you might need to take in more water to prevent severe headaches, illness, and overall dehydration.

Water absolutely can assist your weight-loss approach if you’re careful about drinking generous portions of it. Many people realize that taking a water container along with them just about everywhere they go is the perfect method to stay tempted to treat your body correctly.

5 Herbs That Can Help Relieve Anxiety

kava kavaToday’s competitive world had made us constantly tired and stressed. This hectic lifestyle can lead to health problems and stress-related anxiety attacks. Though there are a host of prescription medicines that can treat the causes of anxiety, often the patients are not keen on the medications, as they are afraid of the side effects or fear addiction.

Herbal medicine has been in practice since time immemorial. They have proven effective in many situations and are free from any side effect experienced with medical drugs. Natural herbs can be a good potential alternative to riskier and stronger prescription drugs, though they need to be administered by a qualified, certified and experienced physician.

Further, it is to be noted that manufacturers do not have to prove the effectiveness of a herb to the Food and Drug Administration, and hence it is wise to be wary and cautious when turning to herbal remedies for your anxiety problems.

5 herbs that are shown to relieve anxiety, are listed below

  • California Poppy

California poppy is believed to work in a similar manner as anti-anxiety drugs known as benzodiazepines, and including Valium. However, this herb does not give you the adverse effects of the medication mentioned above. The herb has multiple healing properties and is known to treat mild to moderate anxiety issues when used in combination with other herbs. California Poppy can also help with pain relief, improving insomnia and decreasing nervous tension.

  • Kava Kava

Kava kava is a herb that is well known for its relaxing properties. Research articles were reviewed by the Association of Natural Medicine Pharmacists, on the comparisons drawn between kava kava and some prescription anti-anxiety drugs like oxazepam. They all showed that both, the herb as well as the drug, were equivalent in the potency and nature of their effects. However, this herb is known to be risky and have a potential side effect of liver failure. Therefore, it should only be used under the expert supervision and advice of a doctor.

  • Passionflower

Passionflower is considered to be an effective relief in the management of generalized anxiety disorder. This herb also has some side effects including dizziness and impaired cognitive function. It may, further, increase the effect of certain other medications, when used in combination.

  • Ginkgo Biloba

This herb is one of the best-selling and most popular herbs in the USA. It is mostly used in the treatment of a medical condition known in scientific terms as cerebral insufficiency. The symptoms of this disease include anxiety attacks, and the syndrome itself is related to heart disease. Ginkgo Biloba is under research at the moment and is not recommended for routine use as yet.

  • Valerian

This herb is used for people with mild generalized anxiety disorder. It can effectively treat the symptoms of insomnia and can improve the quality of sleep in people who suffer from various sleep disorders. However, there is not enough research into this herb as well, so it should be taken with caution and always under medical guidance.

These 5 herbs, as well as many other tried and tested ones, and those yet under research, are known to relieve anxiety symptoms. However, many of them, as mentioned above, have side effects, and should always be taken under the guidance and advice of a qualified physician.

Get Great Hair For Your Office Christmas Party

It’s hard to outshine the baubles of the holiday season, but you can give your hair the lift it needs to be the belle of any Christmas ball. By choosing a glam new do and dressing it up with a festive hair accessory or two, your hair is sure to shine. And this year, you can go for the elegant upsweep, or leave hair down to frame the face and brush the shoulders. There are a few trends in holiday hair this year that will guarantee heads will turn when you make your grand entrance to your office Christmas bash.

Sweep it Up

Wearing hair up is always a glam look for evenings out on the town, even if it will be a night spent with your boss and coworkers. You can opt for the sleek look of a French twist or a classic chignon, or opt for a mess of curls pinned up and away. To get an upsweep to stay up all night, start with a smidgeon of styling gel and plenty of pins for a secure hold. Place your pins in opposite directions for extra staying power. A misting of a flexible hairspray should complete the package, and keep your tresses in perfect condition for the duration of your celebration.

Leave it Down

There are few things sexier than long locks with plenty of curl and bounce. Start with a bit of volumizing mousse and a few large hot rollers for extra body. Remove the rollers, finger comb the curls and hold in place with a flexible hold hairspray. To add the “wow!” factor, use a spray that offers a high shine component as well. Another great look to take to your office Christmas party is the shoulder-length bob, cut with plenty of layers to frame the face. Keep the bangs on the long side, and sweep them to one side. To style your bob, begin with a bit of styling gel or volumizing mousse, and blow dry with a large round brush for extra volume. You can blow the ends under and toward your face, or flip them out for a little extra sassiness.

Add your own Baubles

No matter which do you decide to wear to that office Christmas bash, make sure that you accessorize it properly with a piece of sparkling hair jewelry that is all the rage this year. Beaded headbands and barrettes top the charts for holiday glitz and make the perfect hairstyle a lot easier to manage. Another fun retro accessory is the hair comb, and you can find these pieces adorned with rhinestones or images of the season. Shorter hair sticks are becoming popular, and you can find festive choices topped with stars and snowflakes. Hair flowers are still stylish as well but go for rich fabrics and beaded centers that will give you the extra sparkle that you are looking for.

The holidays are not the time to settle for drab. Glitz it up with a great hairstyle and you will be the hit of the office Christmas bash! Party pretty.

Women and Knee Pain Common Problems and Simple Solutions

woman knee painIt is said that women in general can handle unbearable amounts of pain; this comes from childbirth, menstrual cycles and even menopause. What most women do not realize, however; is that their knee pain can be a result of just being born female. The female body is built differently from a man’s and the muscles and joints are used in different ways. These elements can create painful knees with a wide range of symptoms. The good news is that most causes of knee pain in women can be treated at home, without surgery.

Types of Knee Pain in Women

Most women experience soreness in the knees but there does come a time when it is much more than simply overdoing it. When the knee begins to swell or there is severe pain when it is moved, it can be the result of something much more serious. The causes of knee pain that a woman can experience range in severity; for instance, it can be something as simple as inflammation, which can be easily handled with effective anti-inflammatory medication and ice or it can be more serious like a tear in the meniscus.

How to Treat Simple Knee Pain

If you begin to experience some knee pain, the first thing to try is some anti-inflammatory medication. Be careful not to exceed the recommended dosage on the bottle as it can cause kidney problems, reproductive problems or overdose if the dosage is not followed. After you have taken the anti-inflammatory, sit down with your knee elevated (above the heart works the best), and place an ice pack in a towel directly over the part of the knee with the most pain.

Keep the ice on for 20 minutes and then take it off for 20 minutes. Repeat this for about an hour a day until the pain subsides. If the pain does not subside after a few days, it might be time to have an orthopedic doctor take a look to ensure that it is not something more severe that could require surgery.

Exercise can Help With Knee Pain

Women of all ages should exercise regularly. This is a known fact to help certain things like heart disease or simply to lose weight. While these are great reasons to exercise, the exercises women do can also help to alleviate knee pain. When the muscles around the knee are strong, they will help the knee to stay in place. If the muscles around the knee are weak, they can cause the kneecap to shift to one side or the other, which can be a major cause of knee pain. Exercising 2-3 times per week can greatly reduce the risk of severe knee pain while alleviating any existing pain.

Approximately 10 million women each year talk to their doctors about the pain they are experiencing in their knees. Most of the causes of this pain are not derived from any stresses in the knee, instead, it results from simple, everyday use.

When women keep up on their knee pain, they are able to stop it in its tracks. Most of the time, there is no need to visit the doctor or to even think about surgery. Most causes of knee pain in women can be easily treated with ice, medication and exercise.


Get Coiffed: Hairstyle Trends For Fall & Winter

Hairstyles come and go but the great ones last forever. Whether your hair is long, medium or short, chances are there is a fall and winter inspired hairstyle trend that fits you. Who knows – you may be so inspired by one of the following hairstyle trends that you’ll want to do a complete hair makeover!

For those with long locks that don’t want to go short, wearing your hair long and layered is fine but is also considered sooooo last season. Instead, why not try giving your long tresses a little spruce by wearing it in a great updo? For the fall and winter seasons, updos – both simple and outside the box – are all the rage and can set off just about any outfit. If you enjoy wearing your hair in buns then you’ll have to try out an off-center Chignon, which basically means “bun” but in a fun, French way.

The beauty of this type of bun is that you don’t have to worry about making every single strand stay in place. Chignons are meant to be worn a bit messy with tendrils creating a soft look that works with virtually any face shape and this season it’s all about putting a Chignon where you typically wouldn’t see it: on the side of your head, at the very top, down and almost to the side, etc. To create an easy Chignon, put your hair in a simple ponytail, twist the hair and wrap it around the base of your ponytail where your hair band/elastic is. Afterwards, put a few strategically placed bobby pins in and Voila – you’ve got a Chignon.

Need a hairstyle trend that’s a bit on the edgier side?

Then you’ll find inspiration in a number of super short hairstyles. This type of style is great for women that want to deal with their hair as little as possible. From a pixie cut to a textured crop, having snap short hair not only saves you time in the morning but will also save money in your wallet, since short hair doesn’t need as many hair products to thrive. The pixie cut is the more preferred this season – the shorter, the better. But even with shorter locks, you can still have fun with styling. Textured crops consist of choppy layers, which give you styling options, while regular pixie cuts can opt for the “bed head” look by shampooing, conditioning, adding mousse and letting your hair air dry.

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While the Bob is still in style, getting a cropped bob is the hairstyle that’s making waves this fall and winter season. Simply put, the cropped bob is shorter than a traditional bob but not as short as a pixie cut. This in-between style has the best of both worlds by being low maintenance as well as giving you enough room in the style department. So if you want to do something different to your tresses without making too drastic a change, the cropped bob is the way to go.