Global Beauty

Beauty comes in many different shapes, sizes, forms, and ethnicities. Countries around the world celebrate their definition of beauty in their own ways. When it comes to skincare, the methods women have used to keep themselves youthful and attractive vary but the goal is always the same: to look amazing. If the tips and tricks you’ve been using are getting outdated, you may want to turn to other countries for inspiration.

Global Beauty Secrets for the Skin

Need a good detox that doesn’t take too much effort? Take a note from the women of Israel. Their secret to glowing skin and ridding their body of harmful toxins lies in the use of sea salt. You can create your own homemade lavender sea salt scrub for your body by mixing together 1/2 cup massage oil, 1/4 cup sea salt, 10-15 drops lavender oil and a pinch of seaweed powder (these ingredients can be purchased through specialty online retailers). Now that you have your lavender sea salt scrub ready, all that’s left is to massage the scrub over your entire body.

To maintain their youthful complexions, French women make it a habit to get regular massages and facials. However, not all French women need to spend money to indulge in an effective facial. Try their homemade recipe the next time your complexion is in the mood for a little pampering: combine fresh, mashed cherries and pomegranate seeds and apply the mixture to your face. Your complexion will benefit from this natural face mask, which is rich in enzymes that brighten and firms the skin. Remove the face mask with a warm towel after letting it sit for about six minutes.

Global Beauty Secrets for Hair

We all know the benefits of a little aloe vera but if you haven’t used it on your hair, you’re missing out on a beauty regimen that women in the Philippines have been turning to for years. If you happen to get your hands on an aloe plant, all you’ll need is one leaf to get the job done. Simply break the aloe leaf in two and massage the juice into your scalp, rinse and style as normal.

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Those that tend to suffer from frizzy hair will want to thank the women of Singapore for this easy DIY hair care tip: before bed, use a few drops of coconut oil and apply it to the ends of your hair and let it sit overnight. The coconut oil will prevent your hair from becoming frizzy in the morning, making it much easier to style and maintain. Women living in humid temperatures will find coconut oil to be their hair’s best friend.

Global Beauty Secrets for Nails

Are you fond of sporting red nails but hate the yellow dingy look that it leaves behind after you’ve removed the polish? So do French women, which is why they include an extra step in their nail care routine: soaking their fingers in a small bowl of warm lemon juice after removing their red nail polish. Just a few minutes of a lemon juice soak and their nails will be free of the yellow taint.

The women of the Dominican Republic know the secret to beautiful, healthy nails. To get in on the scoop, take fresh garlic and chop it into small bits. Then add it to your favorite bottle of clear nail polish and let the mixture sit for 7-10 days. Apply the mixture to your nails and over time they’ll grow strong and be less likely to break.