Hairstyles come and go but the great ones last forever. Whether your hair is long, medium or short, chances are there is a fall and winter inspired hairstyle trend that fits you. Who knows – you may be so inspired by one of the following hairstyle trends that you’ll want to do a complete hair makeover!

For those with long locks that don’t want to go short, wearing your hair long and layered is fine but is also considered sooooo last season. Instead, why not try giving your long tresses a little spruce by wearing it in a great updo? For the fall and winter seasons, updos – both simple and outside the box – are all the rage and can set off just about any outfit. If you enjoy wearing your hair in buns then you’ll have to try out an off-center Chignon, which basically means “bun” but in a fun, French way.

The beauty of this type of bun is that you don’t have to worry about making every single strand stay in place. Chignons are meant to be worn a bit messy with tendrils creating a soft look that works with virtually any face shape and this season it’s all about putting a Chignon where you typically wouldn’t see it: on the side of your head, at the very top, down and almost to the side, etc. To create an easy Chignon, put your hair in a simple ponytail, twist the hair and wrap it around the base of your ponytail where your hair band/elastic is. Afterwards, put a few strategically placed bobby pins in and Voila – you’ve got a Chignon.

Need a hairstyle trend that’s a bit on the edgier side?

Then you’ll find inspiration in a number of super short hairstyles. This type of style is great for women that want to deal with their hair as little as possible. From a pixie cut to a textured crop, having snap short hair not only saves you time in the morning but will also save money in your wallet, since short hair doesn’t need as many hair products to thrive. The pixie cut is the more preferred this season – the shorter, the better. But even with shorter locks, you can still have fun with styling. Textured crops consist of choppy layers, which give you styling options, while regular pixie cuts can opt for the “bed head” look by shampooing, conditioning, adding mousse and letting your hair air dry.

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While the Bob is still in style, getting a cropped bob is the hairstyle that’s making waves this fall and winter season. Simply put, the cropped bob is shorter than a traditional bob but not as short as a pixie cut. This in-between style has the best of both worlds by being low maintenance as well as giving you enough room in the style department. So if you want to do something different to your tresses without making too drastic a change, the cropped bob is the way to go.